Inattention and the Struggle of Reading

The first two months of 2015 proved to be productive. I read steady, finished a number of books and could boast I had read substantial literature. When March came in, I was reading a book for the read harder challenge. It was thin and promising, except by the end of March I had 5 books in rotation, all of them unfinished.

5 Books in Circulation

5 Books in Circulation

It is easy to blame the books’ lack of engagement that has led me to this sorry end of my March reading except, I think this is more a reader issue than a book issue. The books in circulation were all interesting to me, they varied in plot, purpose and style. I, however, had been too tired to engage in any form of “SERIOUS” reading. I couldn’t commit more than a few pages every other day to any of the books. I switched around almost in search of an appetite to read, like satisfying a craving that would end the hunger.The hunger was never satiated and I had to persist in what would be a merry-go-round of books.


Like the bibliophile I am (and a most likely member of Book Addict Anonymous) I began a purchase spree justified by the bargain I was getting for such lovely books. Each new book came with a hope that I would find one to pull me away from my restlessness only to find myself with more books and an overwhelming dissatisfaction with my reading life.

I couldn’t continue the search as 5 unfinished books, I surmised, was my threshold when it came to unfinished businesses. Now that April has rolled in, I am attempting to finish one book at a time and tackle this absurdly accumulated rotational literature.

As to my progress in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge? Sigh. If I ever get to finishing those 5 book, I’d say I would made great progress in the challenge. Until then, I’m keeping my hands quiet from making any updates.


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