To Sketch a Soul

Sketch by Author

Sketch by Author

Once again I beg indulgence. I have been reading but my thoughts at the moment spill themselves out as poetry. 

To Sketch a Soul©

There are visions in my mind

I try to create with blank pages

And lead pencils, only

Only to see, as i form strokes

Figures and shapes

My heart break in its inadequacy

Never the right stroke,

Never enough shadows for the soul

To anchor itself in the empty page

While words can

Capture the fragments, it does not

Embody the voicelessness of my vision—

The way a soul may wail and yet not express

The depths of its being

For how does one show ones heart

With words?


Evening Walks


[Today, I stray from the usual book/literature-related post as my thoughts wander. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little of my writing here]

Evening Walks

by Iphios

I walk beneath the evening sky without a destination. I let my legs take me to wherever as my mind, in its habit wander in the forest of words. In each step, I find a lump in my throat, as the familiar sound of a word being born echoes through my mind. Each words, drawn out from the shadows, coming into the light and forming tiny dots and lines. Each dot and line draw out a map of you, at times as distinct from myself as your physical body. On other times, entwined in the shapes of my own soul. As my legs walk further into the damp evening roads, so does my mind filling in every crevice with you–in the rain-laden leaves, in the starless skies, in the cracks on the pavement, even in the obtuse angles of my own yearning. My mind, now full, with words that roll off my quiet tongue like syrup finds itself grasping a spineless illusion. My legs stop. It stops in the darkness as rain soaks through every inch of my still body. In familiar sadness, my body freezes knowing without paper or pen these words will disappear into the night and once again, the oppressive loneliness will take over. For you are nothing more than the words that fill my mind in evening walks.

Coquettes in Literature: When Women Play the Game

[ This particular post has been sitting on my computer unfinished since April. It took a while to sit down and write it all out. I’m hoping to post more than just once a month. I’m crossing my finger. ]

Upon reading the last sentence from Jane Austen’s Lady Susan, I found myself thinking back to Turgenev’s First Love. These two short novels have at its center a woman endowed not just with beauty but with charm that could not only turn heads, but make fools out of the most respectable of men.

There is skill in being a coquette and in grabbing a wealthy husband and while it baffles the reader as to how these men could not see past the coquette, one can only surmise the skill behind it. Yet, I ponder over the the motives behind the coquette? Is she a problem society must address or is she a creation of society? Continue reading →

I met Camus and I threw him out the Window

308We were in the coffee shop when we started to argue.We got home and we were still arguing. We slept and when we woke up, the tension was still there. A week later and we were still unable to settle our differences. Eventually, we had to just part.

Camus, was great, but somehow, after a long time, I found myself arguing with a book. I picked up Albert Camus’ The Stranger for the Read Harder Challenge. He was one of those authors I see read by many, but never got to until recently. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked him. The pace of the book was slow and it was hard to get interested. A few chapters in and I was hook, but as I reached the climax, I found myself in need for discourse and discussion. I struggled to agree with Camus’ resolution, hence my research on his philosophy of Absurdism.

With Camus, I found myself looking back and thinking that had I read this in my late teens to mid twenties, I would have subscribed to his philosophy. Presently, however, I am in disagreement. I felt, that his character’s rejection of the priest, his acceptance of his life and his letting go of hope is but a beginning of a journey. Camus’ however ended it too soon. Continue reading →

I Never Thought I’d Read a Romance Novel: Accepting a Challenge

image from source

image from source

Long overdue.

I have been meaning to write this a while back, but life, as you may also know, doesn’t always cooperate with ones plans. Without further introductions, let’s talk about Romance Novels.

Yes, you read that right. I did say Romance Novels. Now, this is, by no means, my cup of tea. I have avoided romance novels as much as I avoid chic lit and best sellers (please refer to my post of being a book snob here). I never seem to care much about love stories no matter how sweet or hot they are. Once I discovered literary fiction, I found myself completely absorbed by it, ignoring anything that fell in a predictable genre. But, I am no longer a book snob. I have, through the years, tried out different genres and have grown appreciation for particular genre-based literature. But Romance Novels? Continue reading →

Re-Discovery the Joy of Reading: a Read Harder challenge update


I have never enjoyed reading as much as I have this past month. Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge reminded me how wonderful reading is. When I was new to the habit, I read whatever was there. I didn’t have a real go-to author and it made reading this extremely surprising experience, but as I grew older my reading taste has led me to predictable roads. If anything, the read harder challenge has taken me to some places I didn’t know I’d actually enjoy. Continue reading →