A Lively Reading Life: The Read Harder Challenge Update


Since I have joined Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge I had rediscovered the joy of reading. Now, having read and fulfilled 15 of the 24 tasks I find myself surprisingly inspired by the challenge. Since my last update I had found myself arguing with a book, reading books I won’t normally read, and learning new things. Not everything I read for the challenge were necessarily fantastic. Some were ok, some were a dud, but some made me think that diving into unfamiliar territory isn’t so bad. If anything, I guess, the goal of this challenge has been met in my reading experience. So far, the challenge has made my reading experience very lively. I had moments of anger and fury towards a book, surprise and excitement, and thoughtful silence. Continue reading →


I met Camus and I threw him out the Window

308We were in the coffee shop when we started to argue.We got home and we were still arguing. We slept and when we woke up, the tension was still there. A week later and we were still unable to settle our differences. Eventually, we had to just part.

Camus, was great, but somehow, after a long time, I found myself arguing with a book. I picked up Albert Camus’ The Stranger for the Read Harder Challenge. He was one of those authors I see read by many, but never got to until recently. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked him. The pace of the book was slow and it was hard to get interested. A few chapters in and I was hook, but as I reached the climax, I found myself in need for discourse and discussion. I struggled to agree with Camus’ resolution, hence my research on his philosophy of Absurdism.

With Camus, I found myself looking back and thinking that had I read this in my late teens to mid twenties, I would have subscribed to his philosophy. Presently, however, I am in disagreement. I felt, that his character’s rejection of the priest, his acceptance of his life and his letting go of hope is but a beginning of a journey. Camus’ however ended it too soon. Continue reading →