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Artwork by author (Acrylic on Canvas)

The youngest of 5. The odd one out. I was used to a certain kind of solitary existence where hiding under the wooden study table accompanied by my stuffed dog and bear was a regular afternoon adventure. Nobody wanted the ‘extra’ player who couldn’t jump high enough, run fast enough or play any of the games without ‘special’ rules for the incapable.  I was too much the baby to be any use to older children’s desire to win. Continue reading →


Clinical Depression and Libraries: How the Library Saved Me from Myself

Saw this image and it capture how I felt when depressed.

Saw this image and it captured how I feel when depressed.

I was having a bad day. I was agitated, restless and felt like this ball of negative feelings waiting to explode in frustration and tears. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression early last year, have gone through therapy and medication. I have been released from both therapy and medication as I have managed to re-engage with my life. Except its not really gone. Depression comes and goes. I knew as I had been barely sleeping, I had loneliness sitting like an unmovable rock in my heart and I was a ball of anxiety that it was one of those days. While still able to Continue reading →