A Lively Reading Life: The Read Harder Challenge Update


Since I have joined Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge I had rediscovered the joy of reading. Now, having read and fulfilled 15 of the 24 tasks I find myself surprisingly inspired by the challenge. Since my last update I had found myself arguing with a book, reading books I won’t normally read, and learning new things. Not everything I read for the challenge were necessarily fantastic. Some were ok, some were a dud, but some made me think that diving into unfamiliar territory isn’t so bad. If anything, I guess, the goal of this challenge has been met in my reading experience. So far, the challenge has made my reading experience very lively. I had moments of anger and fury towards a book, surprise and excitement, and thoughtful silence. Continue reading →


When I discovered the Universe: Aristotle and Dante


I read this book early this year. I read it on a whim, but found myself deeply moved by it. I was asked to write a review of this book for another book blog. I struggled with writing the review, as I often do with books that affect me.  As the review came to life, it underwent a whole lot of re-writing. In the process, I found myself writing a letter to the two main characters—Aristotle and Dante.

It is those letters that I share today. I hope you enjoy this unusual take on reviewing a book. Continue reading →